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Roasted Cherry Tomato Skewers

Our Food

We love nothing more to create beautiful salads full of seasonal produce, edible flowers and quality oils with stunning small bites for buffet-style events.


Samu celebrates the beauty of plant food - fragrant, flavourful and vibrant dishes that are balanced, delicious and nutritious.  


Attention to detail and flavour is everything and the same love and attention goes into every dish and every event.  

Our influences are far and wide from the beautiful native produce of the UK right across the Middle East and Asia from Israel to India. Not only do these spices and herbs provide intense flavour Samu honours their power to heal, restore and strengthen.


We make everything from scratch and do not use any processed foods, palm oil, transfats, preservatives or GM foods. We also compost all food waste, buy in bulk to reduce food miles and use sustainable cooking methods to reduce energy. All packaging is 100% compostable. 

We offer catering for weddings and corporate events as well as vegan pop-ups, festivals and vegan fairs and retreats. Please contact us for a quote. We also provide home-delivered meals during the week. Please view Instagram for a menu out on Sundays. 


India, Norwich


We hired Jess for our wedding and what can I say! It was all incredible. The food was just sensational and Jess was so lovely, funny, friendly. I can't recommend enough so many different flavours just perfection. Trying to find the excuse to have another gathering so we can hire again.

Stephanie Satriwan, Featherlight Living


Samu Kitchen catered for our event and we were all so blown away by the variety, flavour and quality of the food. Jess (AKA Samu Kitchen) gives so much attention to detail and really cares about your experience. I would highly recommend Samu Kitchen's services to anyone who wants wonderful, plant-based food for their event. Thank you Jess, I can't wait for the next time."

Melanie, Bury St Edmunds


"What a truly magnificent feast. The lunch was stunning and was really impressed with all the different flavours. Honestly it was amazing. Thank you for making my event so special."

Bury St Edmunds,

Suffolk, UK

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