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Reducing Phytates and Leptins in Food

Pulses, grains and nuts are well know for there indigestablity for some. What can we do to help reduce them whilst helping us to digest?

Grains, pulses and nuts all contain phytates in their dried state. In nature, this was designed so seeds were preserved even after being passed through the digestive systems of animals as a form of self-preservation. Fantastic for the seed but no so good for our guts that need to work incredible hard to digest this enzyme.

Without these compounds we are able to not only digest but sky-rocket our nutrition

Soaking and cooking pulses and beans in a pressure cooker is some of the best ways to reduce phytates and leptins. You can help that process along but soaking them for up for a few days before cooking. This also reduces cooking time quite significantly.

For nuts and seeds soak for a few hours, rinse and enjoy. This will get rid of most of the phytates that creates stomach upset and allows you to absorb nutrients better.


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